[VIS 2023 RECAP] Opening speeches from Consul Generals of Indonesia and the Netherlands in HCMC

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The inaugural speeches at the “Vietnam Innovation Summit 2023: Innovation for a Greener Vietnam”, delivered by Mr. Agustaviano Sofjan, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, and Mr. Daniël Stork, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, were a poignant articulation of their respective countries’ commitment to innovation, sustainability, and collaborative efforts in addressing global challenges.

Consul General Agustaviano Sofjan opened his remarks by acknowledging the significance of the gathering, highlighting the timely nature of the discussions in the context of our collective responsibility as citizens of the planet. He painted a picture of the diverse audience, spanning policymakers, governmental agencies, regional funds, business sectors, growing startups, and accelerators, recognizing the importance of such a spectrum in the pursuit of sustainable development goals. The Consul General noted the parallels between Vietnam and Indonesia, emphasizing shared goals in promoting a green economy and setting emission reduction targets. His remarks underscored the alignment of policies between the two countries, paving the way for collaborative efforts across sectors.

“Our policies are aligned, and we can further explore new collaborations in various sectors… in order to create a greener and sustainable path for economic progress.”

Mr. Agustaviano Sofjan, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia

Mr. Sofjan outlined three key messages, starting with the imperative need for an ecosystem that fosters innovation. He stressed the creation of an enabling environment through laws and policies, the empowerment of human resources—especially the younger generation—and the importance of innovative partnerships, particularly in the rapidly evolving tech sector.

The second message revolved around a commitment to long-term sustainability goals. Mr. Sofjan highlighted Indonesia’s focus on the creative economy as a crucial economic pillar, promoting boldness, innovation, and social inclusion. He drew attention to the government’s efforts in battling climate change, exemplified by the inauguration of a significant floating solar panel farm, the largest in Southeast Asia.

The final message was a call to embrace collaboration, recognizing it as a win-win-win solution for business, the environment, and society. He emphasized the necessity of global-scale partnerships, acknowledging that no single country can tackle these challenges alone. Mr. Sofjan concluded with gratitude to the organizers, emphasizing the importance of collective action and collaboration for a meaningful partnership.

Quoted Mr. Agustaviano Sofjan, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia

Mr. Daniël Stork, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in HCMC, in his address, painted a vivid picture of the Netherlands as a global leader in fostering innovation. He presented statistics, ranking the Netherlands 4th in Europe and 23rd globally. The Consul General highlighted the country’s commitment to research and development through public-private investments, collaboration, and a robust infrastructure supporting technological advancements.

He delved into key factors driving Dutch innovation, showcased Dutch companies and projects applying innovative technologies, including Cofano, Signify, De Heus, Nutreco, Heineken, and RHDHV.

“Key ingredients for stimulating innovation include the Dutch Diamond model, emphasizing cooperation between government, companies, knowledge institutes, and non-profit organizations.”

Mr. Daniel Stork at Vietnam Innovation Summit 2023 (The first from the left side)

Sustainability took center stage in Mr. Stork’s address, outlining the Dutch ethos intricately woven into economic growth strategies. He showcased the Netherlands’ focus on renewable energy sources, sustainable urban planning, and tools for measuring sustainable practices, such as FrieslandCampina’s tool for sustainable milk production.

The Consul General highlighted the rich collaboration between the Netherlands and Vietnam, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship created by Dutch expertise complementing Vietnam’s dynamic and growing economy. He illustrated collaborative efforts in renewable energy, sustainability, and the incorporation of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into business practices.

“Celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations lays a foundation for a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future between the Netherlands and Vietnam.”

Mr. Daniël Stork, Consul General of The Kingdom of Netherlands in HCMC

In conclusion, the opening speeches by Mr. Agustaviano Sofjan and Mr. Daniël Stork at the Vietnam Innovation Summit 2023 laid a comprehensive foundation for a meaningful partnership between Indonesia and the Netherlands. Their addresses set the tone for collaboration, innovation, and sustainability, fostering a collective effort to address global challenges for a greener and more prosperous future. The event promises to be a platform for knowledge exchange, fostering partnerships, and collaborative endeavors that extend beyond borders.

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