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We are excited to announce that on August 25th, 2023, InnoLab Asia and Seoul Fintech Lab have formally entered into a strategic collaboration agreement. Representing InnoLab Asia are Mr. Cong Thang Huynh – CEO of InnoLab Asia, Ms. Linh Hoang, and Ms. Ly Anh Van. On the other hand, Seoul Fintech Lab is represented by Ms. Eunice Kwon – Head of Seoul Fintech Lab and Ms. Liz Song – Global Program Manager.

InnoLab Asia and Seoul Fintech Lab both hold a steadfast commitment to fostering entrepreneurial advancement and aiding the triumph of startups. Through this MOU, our ambition is to amalgamate our collective expertise, resources, and networks to craft a vibrant startup atmosphere, thereby bolstering their growth prospects in both Vietnam and South Korea.

We believe that startups are the backbone of economic transformation and societal progress. With InnoLab Asia’s profound comprehension of the startup realm and Seoul Fintech Lab’s extensive prowess in fostering innovations, we are certain that this partnership will deliver substantial value, setting startups on the trajectory of sustained success.

United in our mission, we endeavor to construct a nurturing and dynamic milieu where startups can flourish, interconnect, and pioneer transformative solutions.

Stay vigilant for updates on forthcoming projects, initiatives, and synergies in Vietnam and South Korea that are set to unfold from this partnership. Together, as we tread this path, we look forward to a future replete with innovation and progress in tandem with Seoul Fintech Lab.

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