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As part of this program, Session 3: “CrowdPitch: Generation of Innovation” was held with the aim of creating a platform for startups to connect with expert advisors and investors from the Vietnamese startup community. Thereby, helping startups have access to opportunities for investment and development. This is a monthly event with a crowdfunding element.

More than just an initiative to provide an opportunity for Startups to present their ideas and interact with the community, Crowdpitch is also a platform where people can learn more and expand on the Vietnamese entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Figure 1: Four startup teams, Metain, Eastern Herb Co, Battlefi and Forte Biotech

On 14 October, 4 innovative startup teams, Battlefi, Eastern Herb Co, Forte Biotech and Metain were selected to showcase their business models to more than 100 experts, corporates, investors and founders from different countries in Vietnam Innovation Summit 2022!

This time, the pitching was so intense that we have 2 winners from the CrowdPitch – the first time in many years! Congratulations to Forte Biotech and Metain for emerging as the 2 winning teams from the judges with the same point, and Forte Biotech for becoming the most voted team by the audiences!

With a team of expert advisors from the invited guests, we believe that Vietnam Innovation Summit and Crowpitch will bring comprehensive and multi-dimensional perspectives on Innovation in Vietnam, from which the application solves the problems. problems at corporations, businesses, start-up models and operating units in the innovation ecosystem of Vietnam.

Figure : The winner announcement


Metain is a co-investment platform in real estate investments. Metain offers trustee bank services, tax opinion, audited financial statements and smart contracts to protect investors’ money and interest while following REIT regulation properly.

Figure 3: The booth of Metain in VIS 2022

Forte Biotech

Forte Biotech, Singaporean-Vietnamese startup, has developed an easy-to-use, on-site diagnostic kit that helps farmers detect infections early, allowing them to take mitigative actions.  The test kit has a sensitivity higher than 95% and is able to detect the presence of disease in a 10,000m2 pond with a 20L water sample. 

“The farmers are able to confidently conduct the tests and replicate the results even after we leave the farm and we receive updates from them whenever they conduct a test. On a lab level, we are able to detect 50 copies of DNA in a sample. This is good enough for most users on farm sites,” Yong stated.

Figure 4: The booth of Forte Biotech at VIS 2022


BattleFi, a blockchain-based eSports platform for players and fans with a very unique Donate-To-Earn mechanism and a balanced and sustainable token economy.  They provide a platform for: players can play top eSports games and Earn; fans can donate to players and Earnuilds can host tournaments and Earn; users can refer a friend and Earn; game Developers can use our earning mechanism  (Platform-As-A-Service)

Figure 5: The booth of Battlefi at VIS 2022

 Eastern Herb Co

Eastern Herb Co, a company with breakthrough technologies to treat atopic dermatitis totally without recurrence by using bamboo leaf extract. Eastern Herb Co was founded with a team from academia at universities, they want their knowledge to bring good products to consumers. They focus on researching and applying scientific results to life, applying biotechnology and natural cosmetics, focusing on herbal extracts in health and beauty care with the vision: developing Vietnam’s natural cosmetics industry, providing customers with organic and safe products for health.

Figure 6: Ms. Nhung, East Herb Co

We would also like to express our sincerest appreciation to the 4 judges:

Ms. Nana Nagai, CEO at Money Forward Vietnam, the top financial technology (fintech) company in Japan which provides B2C and B2B services to the Japanese market

Mr. Jasper Waale, Director of tech and cloud stuff at TRG International, a market-leading global professional services firm focused on delivering technical excellence.

Mr. Quang Pham, Director at Crescent Group Capital Management. Crescent Point is a China and Southeast Asia focused private equity and deep value investment firm with total AUM of over $1.5 Billion!

Mr. Cong Thang Huynh, CEO of InnoLab Asia is an entrepreneur from Vietnam who has influenced startup, innovation in ASEAN especially Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, and Chile. He is the Founder & CEO at InnoLab Asia (implementation partner of Open Innovation in Vietnam and South East Asia).

Thanks to the judges who have given their comprehensive perspectives and insightful comments to the teams which will definitely add incredible values to their startup journey! 

For the audiences and experts, thank you for joining Vietnam Innovation Summit and CrowdPitch: The New Generation of Innovation to support the teams too! We hope all of you find the event meaningful!

Figure 7: The judges and speakers at VIS 2022

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