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InnoLab Asia is pleased to be a Business Partner with the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication, University of Economics and Finance (UEF).


Stemming from the understanding, concerns, and training goals of the University, learning is associated with practice, in order to help students who are studying in a group of majors (Event Organization, Advertising, Business Administration, Public Relations, Multimedia, Psychology) have the opportunity to approach and learn more from businesses, diversify internship and employment. On the afternoon of April 22, as a Business partner, InnoLab Asia participated in the MOU Signing Ceremony at the University of Economics and Finance (UEF).

On the UEF side, the MOU signing ceremony was attended by:

  • Mr. Do Quoc Anh – Vice Chairman of the School Council;

  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ngo Cao Cuong – Standing Vice Rector;

  • Dr. Ho Vien Phuong – Vice Rector;

  • MSc. Huynh Quoc Phong – Director of the Center for Business Cooperation;

  • MSc. Nguyen Thi Kim Loan – Deputy Director of Center for Business Cooperation.


On the side of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication, there are:

  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hoang Thi Hong Ha – Dean of Faculty;

  • Dr. Phan Bao Giang, MSc. Hoang Mi – Vice Dean of Faculty;

  • Dr. Nguyen Van Tuong – Head of Psychology;

  • MSc. Pham Thai Hien – Head of Communication Technology. 

  • Along with that was the presence of the leaders of the faculties: Law, International Languages and Cultures, Tourism – Hospitality Management, Business Administration, Economics, Information Technology, English and Finance – Commerce.


On the side of InnoLab Asia, Lead The Change has the participation from:

  • Mr. Huynh Cong Thang – Managing Director of InnoLab Asia

  • Ms. Hoang Thi My Linh – Executive Director of Lead The Change.

With the participation of representatives from 21 other partner enterprises: Zalo, HD Bank, Apex Multimedia, Cat Tien Sa, Golden Event, MVV SNP Company…


The content of the signing includes the programs that businesses give to UEF as well as UEF’s responsibilities towards businesses. Accordingly, based on the actual capacity and needs of the parties, the enterprise will receive the application of UEF students for internship and annual internship and organize screening according to the needs of the business; Coordinating the organization of seminars on professional experience and necessary skills for students to work in the business field of enterprises; Contribute to the development of output standards, programs and training curriculum of UEF; Send experts to participate in lectures, presentations and seminars at UEF.


Thus, the business cooperation map of UEF continues to be supplemented with new partners. The association between UEF and other parties promises to bring a learning environment close to reality for students, contributing to training high-quality human resources for businesses and society in the general context of the rapidly changing economy. restored day by day after the pandemic.

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