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With a favorable geographical position in the cradle of Southeast Asia, along with remarkable economic development over the past 30 years. Vietnam is currently being evaluated as one of the potential countries to attract foreign investment. According to statistics, as of April 20, 2020, the total newly registered capital, additional capital, contributed capital and the right to buy shares of foreign investors reached 12.33 billion USD, including 136 countries. The 5 countries and territories with the highest investment capital include: Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In order for foreign enterprises to enter the Vietnamese market, they must meet a few specific conditions prescribed by the Vietnamese legal system, most notably the Investment Law.

Realizing the potential development of Vietnam, and understanding the inadequacies and necessary procedures for foreign enterprises to enter the Vietnamese market. After an extensive conversation, InnoLab Asia would like to announce the partnership with Thanh Nam Law Firm – a law firm with more than 10 years of experience in the field of investment consulting and foreign business consulting.

The partnership between Thanh Nam Law Firm and InnoLab Asia is an important relationship so that InnoLab Asia can better support its partners in legal fields such as:

  • Foreign investment consulting
  • Business consulting
  • Tax consulting service
  • Intellectual Property…..

👉 Contact us, if you are interested in the Vietnamese legal system on Investment Law.

About Thanh Nam Law Firm

Thanh Nam Law Firm  was established under the successor of Nelson Law Firm (NELSON LAWFIRM) and co-founded by lawyers with prolific experiences in legal consulting and litigation activities.

After many years of legal consultation, we have received trust and credibility from domestic and foreign customers in terms of business and commercial legal consulting services, investment, intellectual property, etc. tax law, procedural activities at procedure-conducting agencies, defense lawyers in criminal cases.

With a team of lawyers, and consultants demonstrating in-depth knowledge, extensive experience, high responsibility and professional ethics, Thanh Nam Law Firm ensures to always provide domestic and foreign customers with the best, and legally safest consulting services in Vietnam.

Thanh Nam Law Firm’s Mission: 

Thanh Nam Law Firm continuously strives to become a leading law firm, in the field of legal advice and litigation:

  • Bringing the law in the simplest and most understandable way to all Vietnamese people. Thanh Nam Law Firm offers simple, friendly and interesting approaches of using lawyer services to cater diverse audiences from businesses, organizations to each of our clients.

Thanh Nam Law Firm is always fully aware of our responsibilities, professional conscience and are committed to: 

  • Constantly improving the quality of services in legal consultation, as well as protecting the legitimate rights and interests of individuals as prescribed by law. To do that, we are genuinely dedicated to our customers, and to our work, completing the service on schedule and as required.

About InnoLab Asia:

InnoLab Asia was cofounded by Mdm. Nguyen Phi Van and Mr. Cong-Thang HUYNH to offer more innovation opportunities to the ecosystem.  InnoLab Asia has been appointed as the implementation partner for the Open Innovation Vietnam initiative under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

InnoLab Asia’s vision is to create an innovative collaboration platform where all stakeholders in one innovation ecosystem meet, collaborate, and succeed together.

InnoLab Asia is focused on helping organizations design, build, and launch innovation by building internal capabilities. IA provides a full range of tailor-made and proven intrapreneurship programmes consisting of executive workshops, intensive boot camps, hands-on training classes, and inspiring seminars to ensure that our clients’ innovation capabilities are growing exponentially and sustainably throughout all levels of the organization. Moreover, InnoLab Asia organizes CrowdPitch as a platform to introduce rising startups to investors in the ecosystem and builds the technical services on demand.

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