Last Saturday, January 16, EdTech Asia Vietnam in association with Fulbright University Vietnam and InnoLab Asia are hosting an event on “Strategic Growth & Sustainable Impact” – with an aim to share some new viewpoints.

The event was just as successful with the attendance of a number of VIP guests from many fields of business such as education, business, ect.

We kick-off the program with welcoming remarks by Fulbright University’s distinguished Founding President, Ms. Dam Bich Thuy.

And the welcome speech of Ms Tracy Bui from EdTech Asia and Mr Cong Thang Huynh from Innolab Asia

Within the past decade, Vietnam has emerged as one of the region’s fastest developing economies. As a result, Vietnam’s policy landscape has allowed the country to position itself as a leader in technology, innovation, and rapid market growth. However, in order for Vietnam’s workforce to meet the growing demand for highly-skilled and technical work, we must take a closer look at strategies to reimagine the country’s education system in order to develop the next generation of globally-competitive Vietnamese leaders. The speech delivered by Dr. Sonny Vu, CEO of Arevo Labs; Founder, Alabaster – The Road Ahead – Digital Innovation in Vietnam.

Next session, the panel discussion conducted by Mr Nguyen Chi Hieu, Professor, Fulbright University Vietnam, Ms Dau Thuy Ha, Co-Founder, Online Management Training, Mr Charles Lee, Founder, Coder School and Mr Thanh Bui, Founder, Embassy Education. The topic was about Acceleration of Digitization in Higher Education in Vietnam.


Mr Tom Stader – Founder, The Library Project, shared about how to build Language Literacy and STEAM Competency in Vietnamese Youth. Vietnam’s recent outstanding PISA performance are indicators of a successful education system as well as a capable and evolving workforce. Despite these accomplishments much improvement and assistance is needed in areas where resources are limited. Through corporate donor support, The Library Project establishes STEAM libraries within schools in need of supplemental resources and helps to support and train their teachers. What challenges do underserved schools face and what potential solutions exist that will enhance their ability to deliver quality education? What role can EdTech play in developing language and STEAM knowledge in these environments?

Insights into The Future of Learning and Work, Vietnam’s Investment Landscape also discussed at the event. The panelist included Ms Tu Ngo – General Partner, Touchstone Partners, Mr Sjoerd Zwinkels – Principal, Mekong Capital, Mr Binh Tran – General Partner, 500 Startups and Ms Hoang Thi Kim Dzung – Associate, Genesia Ventures.

Digital services will play an increasingly important role as the traditional education to employability pathway evolves more rapidly. With a clear correlation between learning outcomes, language competency and national economic output many countries are re-evaluating their workforce development architecture. How will EdTech be utilized for education and communication development along the “K to Gray” continuum? What impact will alternative routes to learning, credentialing and competency based experiences have on education and employability in the years ahead? The discussion was delivered by Mr Daniel Nivern – Co-founder, Virtual Internships, Ms Joshua James – Managing Director, EMASI Schools, Mr Michael Ngo, Vietnam Country lead, ELSA, Mr Hieu Le – CEO, G.A.P. Institute and Ms Tracy Bui, ELSA.

Vietnam has surpassed most ASEAN countries over the past year in early-stage startup investment as a result of an abundance of quality founders and innovative companies. Two upcoming EdTech companies with a strong presence in Vietnam will provide a brief overview of their own growth stories and the solutions they provide.Therefore, Mr Cong-Thang Huynh – InnoLab Asia, Founder and Director has opened another topic for our guests who are Mr Jaden Teo – Kalpha, Co-founder and Ms Nhu Tran Le Thanh – Schola, Co-founder, sharing about Vietnam Education Innovation Showcase

The closing remarks were delivered by Mr Spencer Ton, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Ms Tracy Bui, ELSA.

To learn more about the InnoLab Asia Conference, please visit the InnoLab website.


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