3RD CROWDPITCH VIETNAM – Why education platform becomes a trend in startups

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The third CrowdPitch 2019, was held by InnoLab Asia on July 25th, 2019, had the attendance of 5 startups in a variety of industries which solve recent problems in education, tourism, real estate, content, and payment.

Investment in education – the most profitable investment in the future

Vietnam recognizes education as a national priority. Since 2008, the government has been spending 20% of its budget on education. The government’s strong commitment to education and long-standing cultural and social support for education. This led to significant progress in the sector. Now, Vietnam is well-known in the world as a country winning in international competitions like math, chemistry, computer,…

Tungtung.vn – winner of the 3rd CrowdPitch 2019 and got most-voted by the audience, introduced an educational platform providing a new way for students to check their knowledge by multiple-choice tests. Besides, Tungtung.vn suggests the most suitable tests for students based on interest and capacities in their previous tests.

Despite obtaining significant achievements, Vietnamese education is facing many challenges. What comes to job opportunities after graduation, Tungtung.vn also creates a community for everyone to share their knowledge as well as to learn from others. Furthermore, Tungtung.vn is also a connector between universities, corporations and well-fitting people based on experience scores on tests did on Tungtung.vn platform.

Another most-voted idea – Solution for travelers to renting motorbikes in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia (SEA) acquires a rich and diverse set of natural and tangible and intangible cultural tourism resources located in both rural and urban areas. While the share of the big three destinations of Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand decreased from 70.71% of total arrivals in 2010 to 64.1% in 2014, the major beneficiaries of increased tourism were Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. These countries are well-known by using motorbike as the main vehicle. According to the research about rental did by RentOnRide, 33,4 of % renters feel the transaction is unsafe, 33,6% of renters were unsatisfied about the quality of bikes.

Western travelers are easy to connect to Vietnamese owners on RentOnRide website/app with translation chat and mediation process despite language barriers. Besides, RentOnRide also helps foreign users to optimize location rate as well as being safe in the deposit. Therefore, RentOnRide comes to Vietnam as an online platform for motorbikes rental in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in general.

Meanwhile, three other startups on the pitching focus on three-manifold fields. According to research, 83% of people refer to online reviews before making a purchase. As a result, Rumours is a content marketplace where helps users (content creators) to earn from review content like how Youtube to help creators earn from video content. This startup has grown rapidly in India in February 2019, but they have to face many challenges to persuade Vietnamese reviewers to use Rumours. And 2 other startups were Full-ive – a personal finance platform app and reMarket – a real estate market marketplace.

The judge has concerned on education startups, “Tungtung.vn basically get people thinking out of the box not only in learning testing but also in developing person around by using community, pushing people to ask questions” – Mr. Pho Pham – Managing Director of Viet Capital Asset Management shared after CrowdPitch.

Ms. Quynh Vo – Business Development of Zone Startups Vietnam, emphasized the prominence of CrowdPitch as a fair playground for young entrepreneurs and also early-stage startup or in any different kind of stages. This is a great place for them to meet up with the investors, looking for co-founders and looking for any ideas for how they grow and what to do next. Her advice for next startups joining 4th CrowdPitch was making your presentations in the right points, focusing on what you want to present, what is your projection and what you do in the future for your startups.

CrowdPitch Vietnam 2019 is a platform for early startups. 5 startups chosen to pitch each month will receive 1.000USD AWS credits, technical support, and free online training besides the voting cash.

The 4th CrowdPitch Vietnam 2019 is going to present on August, 29th 2019.

The CrowdPitch Vietnam is powered by InnoLab Asia

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